Serving at Mission Crestwood
Serving at Mission Crestwood

What Is CommunityCare?

CommunityCare is a variety of service projects which benefit local agencies, churches, non-profit organizations and ministries.

What Is N2-17?

N2-17 is based on Nehemiah 2:17 and provides assistance to those who have home repair needs and do not have the means to take care of the work. 



What is the purpose of these ministries?

  • To fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ given to all His disciples, that we “Go, ye, therefore…” Matthew 28:19-20
  • To provide a means to mobilize our church into hands-on ministry serving others
  • To provide services to agencies, charities & nonprofits vs. simply monetary cash gifts
  • To further develop disciples of Jesus Christ to be His hands and feet in The BodyTo utilize and develop the S.H.A.P.E. of our members as they partner with God in ministry: S – Spiritual Gifts, H – Heart, A – Ability, P - Personality, E – Experiences
  • To equip our membership in authentic spiritual formation, including lifelong, lasting tools to evangelize the Good News
  • To identify Kingdom-building purposes in participants in an extended personal commitment in local ministries
  • To expose ourselves to needs and demands outside our church/community so as to see God’s ‘real world’

Who Will Benefit?

  • The recipients of our service and caring. Recipients are those who have benefited from Saint John caring over the years, plus several newly approved organizations.
  • The participants (us!) as we serve and care for others – 6th Grade and older. All Jr. & Sr. High participants are to be accompanied by a parent/guardian with Saint John Permission Statement/Release. Several projects will also allow children (5/K & older) to participate with an accompanying parent and Permission Statement/Release.

"For as the body without the Spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also." - James 2:26